Star Trek Memories

By William Shatner


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Shatner. The man is a chameleon who has redefined his career numerous times over the past half century. From dashing leading man to self-deprecating comedian gleefully willing to take shots at his perceived public persona, the man is obviously possessed of many talents despite what late night comedians and cut rate impressionists would have us believe about his acting and singing ability.

Surprisingly enough it turns out that writing is another one of Mr. Shatner’s talents as I discovered when I first picked up Star Trek Memories way back in fifth grade when I was at the height of my Star Trek fandom and well before I’d read any of the studies about how being an open Trek fan at a young age could tragically prolong your virginity. Of course most of the heavy lifting was likely done by co-writer Chris Kreski, who is refreshingly given credit on the front cover in a world where all too often celebrity biographies are penned by ghostwriters slaving away with varying levels of access to the stars they’re writing about. Shatner was directly and intimately involved with gathering interviews and creating the book even if he didn’t do the heavy lifting with the prose, and it shows.

Star Trek Memories should be essential reading for anyone who is a fan of the original series even if most of the behind the scenes stories that were revelatory at the time have since been passed around ad infinitum on the Internet in the eighteen years since it was originally published. Star Trek Memories focuses mainly on the people behind the pop culture juggernaut rather than the show itself. People who might otherwise have only been names up on the small screen as the Enterprise whizzes by in the closing credits are singled out and given their due for their hand in bringing Star Trek to the airwaves.

If you’re a fan of Star Trek in any capacity then you owe it to yourself to give Star Trek Memories a read. I guarantee it won’t take you more than a few hours or a few days to breeze through this one as it’s that rare combination of an easy read that you just don’t want to put down.