Just A Geek

By Wil Wheaton


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In A Nutshell:

I had a lengthy review worked up detailing exactly why I didn’t like this book, but I realized that I was being unfair to Just A Geek. The book is an unflinching portrayal of the lean years in Wil Wheaton’s career from the mid-’90s to the mid ’00s giving a behind the scenes glimpse at the darker and shallower aspects of the movie business while at the same time giving readers a window into the psyche of a former child star who is trying to come to grips with a career that peaked early on and has since come to a grinding halt.

Reading that paragraph above I can almost convince myself that Just A Geek is an interesting read and worth checking out. The problem is that in practice it turns into a dull and repetitive slog detailing numerous slights heaped on Wheaton by an uncaring industry and instances where Wheaton was unable to reconnect with former colleagues because of the massive chip he was carrying around on his shoulder for many of those lean years.

That isn’t to say that Just A Geek is necessarily a bad book. Wheaton promises a glimpse into a particularly difficult stretch of his life personally and professionally that ends with a redemption of sorts as he brushes the aforementioned chip off of his shoulder and moves on to a new career as a professional geek. The difficulty is that the journey to redemption and new success starts to feel like more of the same after the first few chapters. Wheaton can be an excellent writer, but this early work is really best suited for the die hard Wheaton or Star Trek fan.