About the Author:

I’m a librarian of recent vintage living in Indianapolis with my beautiful wife and two cats. I read a lot, particularly fantasy. I’ve also been a huge geek my entire life. My parents took me to my first Star Trek convention when I was in third grade and I’ve been going strong ever since. A lot of what you see in the comic is based on particularly geeky experiences that I’ve witnessed or heard about secondhand attending conventions.

About the Comic:

Avallanath follows the adventures of John Reynolds, a “writer of thick fantasy novels who has long since succumbed to hackdom” (thanks to TV Tropes for that brilliant description), and the numerous fans that he loves to hate as they all descend on Indycon for the long-awaited and frequently delayed release of his latest book.

Avallanath occurred to me one day as I was putting together a schematic at Fry’s where I was working while attending grad school. Working retail was an okay gig at the time, but it was also one of those jobs that can be done with about 10% of your brain focused on the task at hand and the other 90% daydreaming about anything but trying to explain to customers why DDR3 desktop RAM wasn’t going to fit in their Toshiba laptop that they bought ten years ago.

The idea was simple enough. What if you had a guy who was the single greatest and most successful author in history, except he was a total hack who didn’t deserve his success and he’d come to hate the fans that gave him that success after decades of dealing with them? Boom. John Reynolds popped fully formed into my head that day. Originally I tried writing Avallanath as a book, but the state of publishing right now and the long odds on getting published and being successful when you get published made me somewhat wary. I’d also dabbled in creating webcomics and decided that a more direct to the reader approach might work better and give me greater control.

So instead you get Avallanath the webcomic. The comic started as a stick figure comic heavily inspired by Order of the Stick and Cyanide & Happiness. I was looking for something that I could reliably update five days a week rather than something that would blow people away with the stellar artwork. Since then I’ve relaunched the comic with an aesthetic that I like to think of as “Stick Figure ++.” I like the way it looks and, more importantly, it helps me keep to the all important schedule.

Thanks for your interest in Avallanath. I hope you like what you see here as much as I’m enjoying writing and drawing it!