A Wild Update Appears!

Holy crap has it been forever since this site was updated. A lot has changed in the couple of years since Avallanath was a going concern as a webcomic.

I had a kid! He was born in 2013 and is coming up on his second birthday. The time definitely flies but fatherhood has been awesome so far.

In other news I’ve had two jobs in the time the site has been down. I took a job doing technical support for a software company shortly after the little guy was born so that I could be closer to home. Like most phone support jobs it was a soul-sucking exercise in frustration and broken promises and the less said about it the better.

The good news is I don’t have that job anymore. What’s happened over the past year has been pretty damn amazing, actually. Back when I worked at the library I used to watch little old ladies come in and churn through romance books like crazy. Steamy, cheesy, with or without Fabio on the cover, that got me to thinking. And one day while I was busy hating my phone support job I went to lunch and instead of playing video games or going out somewhere I fired up my laptop and started writing my own version of the great american romance novel.

Fast forward to last February and I’d built my business to the point that I was making close (but not quite) double what I was making at the day job from self-publishing on Amazon. That’s all done on a couple of pen names that I keep under wraps, but it got me to thinking about this old project.

I have an old manuscript that includes most of the comic run and then some. It’s been gathering dust for a couple of years but I got it out recently and read through it and the thing still makes me chuckle. So I figure why not take some of the strategies that have been successful and gotten me out of my day job and apply them to Avallanath?

Stay tuned. The site looks rough around the edges at the moment but there’s more to come.